Silver Sword

Protect your business with Silver Sword Business Services. Whether that is setting up regular data backups or fixing a PC to ensure that your business keeps on running. Silver Sword have the expertise and the experience.


Business continuity means that your business keeps on running even if something happens that you are not counting on. Backups, redundancy and reliable support are three pillars that give you (and your customers) peace of mind.


Storing your documents in a central location means that they are available to all your users - you will need a file server.

Tracking customer and sales data reports - you will need a database server.

Communicating with employees, clients and suppliers - you will need an email server

For server installation, set up and/or maintenance call Silver Sword Business Services.


A machine that allows your users to access resources and contribute. A tool for most office personnel. Windows or MacOS based. Talk to us about your needs.